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Purchase and Delivery Terms

The terms of delivery is a part of the contract of trade between the seller and the buyer.


There is no minimum order.


All prices at include value added tax (25%, within the EU). We retain the right to change the prices of all produ bcts in our assortment at any time. The price set for the product at the time of purchase is the price that applies to your purchase. Providing for possible erroneous prices. If any price is erroneously shown, we will notify you for approval before sending the order to you. 


If you have received the wrong product or it is damaged when you receive your order from us, we want you to take a photo of the product(s) together with the order confirmation in order for use to see what is wrong. Then send us an e-mail or text message and we will contact you as soon as possible.



You make your order through the web shop. If you need any help with your order, we can do so. Call or e-mail use if you want help.



When your order is complete, we send a confirmation by e-mail with the information about your order. Always check that this information is correct. If anything is not correct, or you want to add or remove any product, you must contact us immediately. When you contact us about your order, we need to know your order number so we can find your order faster. For example, if you have written an incorrect address, but discover this after we have sent your order, it costs SEK 180 at PostNord (their fee) to make the change. We are not responsible for this cost if, as customer, you made the error. Therefore, you should check the order confirmation we send. Also, check that your e-mail address is correct since we send the order confirmation to that address, and also check the tracking number from PostNord.



 PayPal, Klarna

You can pay through PayPal using a credit card or use an Internet bank via a payment link that is displayed after you enter your order. Find more information about PayPal at PayPal complies with PCI DSS and follows the regulations that apply for card payments via Internet. PayPal also has an SSL certificate that guarantees security for you as customer when you use this payment alternative.




Your order is processed immediately when received, or on the next workday or weekday (you made your order late or at the weekend or on a holiday. We reserve the right to extend the delivery time for orders made before holidays or during high season (graduations, summer holidays, and similar) and when our office is closed. Each order is processed in order of their receipt and payment. 

All deliveries are sent by POST as a package to your delivery agent. You can choose to have the package sent to your company address, but this must be done in the check-out. We try to send your package as soon as possible. We send orders daily, and strive to send all orders completed before 9 a.m. on the same day.

If you have a rush order, we ask that you call or e-mail us immediately after you have completed your order to make sure we can send it the same day.
Delivery delay may arise. If a product is not in stock and may arrive within 1 to 6 days, we will send your order as soon as the product is received. If it hasn’t arrived within 1 to 10 business days, you will be notified of the delivery delay. You may receive delivery of the products we do have in stock, and later delivery when we receive the remaining products.

When the package is taken by the POSTAL SERVICE, you will receive e-mail notification confirming the package was sent. The package will then be delivered to the address you entered in your order. For the postal service to be able to deliver the package, it is important to have someone on site to receive it.

The buyer is liable to ensure the address provided in the order to is correct. We are not responsible for consignments that are damaged or lost in the postal processing. If you do not accept the consignment, you will be charged SEK 250.

We are not responsible for lost consignments.



Shipping is not charged on orders over 200 EURO  within Sweden and not on orders over 

250 EURO for the rest of the world.



At times our products will be out-of-stock, or may be delayed from our vendors. We will always notify you of this for any of the products you ordered on the receipt. We will write ‘remainder’ or an asterisk next to products that are temporarily out of stock and send them as soon as we receive them. If delivery of the missing product takes time, we will notify you about this and provide a changed preliminary delivery date. If you want to cancel the order for these products, we will repay the amount for any remainder products.



When you complete your order, you provide personal data (personal ID number, name, address, and phone number). In connection with your order, you also accept that we store and use your personal data in our business. We also save all communication we have with you via e-mail, so we can give you the service you expect from us. We will not disclose your personal data to any third party. According to the Swedish Personal Data Act, you have the right to see what information we of registered about you. If you do not want your data stored, or if it is incorrect or incomplete, you can request that the data be corrected or deleted. Contact us and we will help you.



If you find any damage to the packaging, you must immediately report this to the post office or delivery company, and file a damage claim. Do not accept a damaged package. If you do not discover the damage before you opened the package, and the damage is the kind that can be attributed to the post office or delivery company’s handling, you should contact them and make a damage claim. If you contact us about damage to products in a package, you MUST take a picture of the damaged products together with your order form. If you cannot resolve any dispute with the post office or delivery company, then contact us. If you have orders and do not accept delivery of your package before it is returned to us (14 days), we will bill you SEK 250 for our work in processing the product.



Claims are very unusual, but if you still want to make a claim on a product, you need to inform us about it before you return the product to us. If a product is incorrect, you should make your claim to BelleStore within a reasonable time, and also return the product. You should check every product thoroughly when you receive your order to be sure there are no faults. For example, if you ordered glue, and it is defective when you open the bottle, then you should make a claim as soon as you discover this. But if you have used more than half of the glue and it is 2-3 months after you received it, you cannot make a claim. Glue does not last too long when you open the bottle and use it regularly. The glue reacts to oxygen, so the more you open the bottle, the shorter is stays useful. We request that you provide a copy of the receipt or your order number when you contact us, this helps us keep track of everything that is returned to us, and we can then give you a return number that you enclose with the returned product. 

To make a claim, please contact us at Provide the order ID and the reason for the claim.

Note that receiving a return number does not mean we have approved the claim.

We ask that you contact us before sending back the product for which you are making the claim. For claims, we pay the postage and can send a way bill to you by e-mail after our contact. In case of any dispute, we follow the recommendations of the Swedish National Board of Consumer Disputes (ARN).



According to the Swedish Distance and Door-to-Door Sales Act, as customer you have the right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days of when you received the product regardless of reason. This applies only if the product and packaging are in their original condition, which means unopened, undamaged, and unused. As customer, you must pay for return shipping costs when you exercise your right of withdrawal.
You must also enclose the receipt or copy of the order with the returned product. You must contact us before sending the package back. We will give you a return number to attach to the package. If the return or claim is made incorrectly, such as if you do not contact us first or the package does not have a receipt or return number, we retain the right to refuse repayment of the product value.

To return a product, contact us via e-mail at 

We do not take back glue, remover, tweezers, cleaner, or products that were discounted. . The right of withdrawal does NOT apply to educations and online educations.

Note that the packaging of the products you want to return MUST be unopened! 

All purchases are final and only a few products may be returned or replaced. The product may not be used and the package must be whole, and in the same condition as when you received it.

We want the product to be sent with a shipping number so we can track it, which reduces the risk of it being lost. We do NOT take products COD.

We take no responsibility for products that are returned without our prior agreement.
Returns, replacements, and claim must be sent after you have received a return number from us, to address.

The beauty boutique 

Kungsportsavenyn 43

41136 Göteborg


As consumer, you have the right to your money back when you withdraw from the purchase or for claims made within 14 days from the date the company has received notification. As customer, you must return the product, or provide evidence that the product was returned (with a tracking or shipping number). Repayment is made using the same payment method as used for the purchase. The entire amount is repaid, including shipping, tax, and any fees. As the consumer, you must pay return shipping costs when you exercise your right of withdrawal or for replacing a product. If you have paid using SWISH, Bankgiro, or bank transfer, we need to have your account number in order to return the money. If you have already paid the bill using KLARNA, we ask that you write your account number on paper which you enclose with the product.

When your claim is approved, we repay the product’s value and the return shipping cost within 14 days from when we receive the returned product, if you, as customer do not want a replacement product. If you have requested a replacement product, we will send it to you when we receive the returned product.

Online courses cannot be advertised or repurchased.



Your personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Swedish Personal Data Act.

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