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lash lift & brow lift course

A session & you have a profession in hand!

Learn the new, unique trend lash lift & brow lift course

The freedom to work with what you love.

Achieve profitable financial independence.

Be part of the leading and most profitable leading field in the beauty world.

It’s time to invest in yourself.

Join me and I will lead you on your new path!

Donna Lashes & Brows With Michelle

Course Program

Choose your preffered online course. * Lash Lift. * Brow Lamination.
* Brow styling & tinting
Choose your preferred way of training.

* Virtual training with unlimited access to our online training videos. * Or a live training with one of our Masters via Zoom.
The training also includes a big start kit so you can practice and receive your own customers directly after the course.
No previous knowledge is required to attend the training in lashlift or brow lift.
International certificate by "Donna Lashes"
Ongoing discounts on all of our products.
After paying for your desired course an automatic Email will send out to your Email with the login info.

Your start kit will be sent to your address.
Login to your online course and start your training. Have a FabuLash training 🙂

Large starter kit

Online lash lift course 329€

Online Brow lamination 329€

Online Lash lift & Brow lamination 599€

All courses inculding start kit & certificate

Lash & Brow Lamination Online Course With Michelle via Zoom
Have any questions?

Choose between online or 1 0n 1 course .

International certificate by Donna Lashes.

Theoretical & practical teaching.

Become a certified lash & browlift stylist.

Large starter kit.

Discounts in our online shop.

1 day course.

15% discount on your first order from our webshop.

Still not sure ? Do you have any more questions?

Contact us, We are here to help you!

Donna Lashes & Brows

online training in Lash lift & brow lamination

Advanced online courses for lashes and brow lamination. 

One session and you have a profession in hand.

bonuses in THE Program

Signing up to one of our courses will open out a huge window of opportunities to develop your skills and be successful in the beauty industry.

Work with the highest quality products.

Made in EU.

Get excess to our world of knowledge.

need extra info?

MEET Our trainers

Donna Lashes & Brows With Michelle
Michelle is the founder of Donna Lashes brand. She has many years of experience in both teaching and styling lashes & brows.
Michelle Staynfeld
Founder & CEO


Have you been thinking about joining the beauty business for a while?

 Is your passion beauty?

 Do you already work with other beauty treatments?

Are you bored with your day-to-day work?

We are here to help you spice it up a little and increase your knowledge with or without prior experience.

Right now lash lift and brow lift is the hottest trend out on the market. Who wouldnt want to feel naturally fresh looking all the time?

This internationally certified course will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the beauty market. We teach you everything from our unique techniques, customers, marketing, prices and more.


Why should you choose us?

As we all know there are many competitors out there who are doing the exact same thing. How can we really know they are legit? It’s almost impossible, and we get it!

Our Donna Lash masters all specialize in lashes and brows and have many years of collective experience. We manufacture the entire Donna lashes product line. We won’t only teach you the profession we will also become your new best friend. We will be here to support you 24/7, we will tell you all of our secrets to expand and grow your clientele and buisness.

With us you will feel satisfied and happy with your choice. You will work with the best Scandinavian products out there to achieve your lash and brow goals. Products that yield amazing results and maintain healthy and strong lashes.


You deserve to feel sexy, powerful and secure.
you deserve to have the lashes you always dreamed of

That's why we’re here!

Donna Lashes & Brows DADDD
Donna Lashes & Brows With Mrs. Michelle Staynfeld
Donna Lashes & Brows DADDD
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